The Dark Age of EIGENROBOT, Preamble


I have to tell you, I’m stuck on a few ideas–a few theses–that are going to get a lot of play in my writing.  I intend this series, titled with no special implication The Dark Age of EIGENROBOT, to serve as a gentle introduction to the notions that will permeate my posts.

Topics I plan to cover, in order:

  1. Rationality
  2. Statistical thinking
  3. Signalling
  4. Class in the United States
  5. Markets
  6. Public Choice, or  Politicians and Voters are All Assholes

I’ll update this list with links as I complete these articles.  I might take some time to complete my little manifesto; I intend these articles to be long, backed with ample evidence, and thoroughly sourced.  Further, I may update each of these pages over time as my thinking develops (I’ll archive old versions to maintain intellectual honesty).  Finally, I may add to the list as my set of unusual beliefs grows.

In the mean time, I expect to write shorter posts about matters of the day.  These posts may contain terms and ideas that will be developed at length in Dark Age; please indulge me for the time being, and pardon the jargon!