Welcome to the Mentifuge


From the Latin mentis, mind, and fugere, to flee.  More directly from centrifuge.  Let your faculties flee their fatuous fetters!  You’re on the Internet.  No one’s looking.

This blog is one of the consequences of curious events in my life over the last two years–events that were, in turn, disastrous, triumphant, disruptive, and sexy.  I’ll write about these events over time, but most topics (perhaps) will be broader than the particulars of my social life.   I obsess about signalling behavior in politics and social hierarchies; criminal justice; gender; sex.  Yum.

I’m a graduate student in economics, interested (academically!  at present!) in the overlap between contracts and organization theory on side and political economy on the other.  My (hypothetical) coauthors on this blog are the people I most like talking to in meatspace.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.