Simply T3ktastic

by Alexis Radcliff

Behold: a wildly introspective, thoughtful, curious blogger appears. Seriously, though, I’m flattered that Eigs invited me to come provide some discourse on his little corner of the internet. I’m a casual scholar and thinker at best, and generally far more interested in the interactions of systems than whether I’m using the right terminology to describe an unfamiliar concept or whether I’ve considered all the angles in a moral debate.

My opinions change easily and rapidly in light of new data and I constantly challenge myself to examine my biases and look at things in a new light. I’m a big fan of the devil’s advocate line of argument and arguing for the sake of discussion, both of which make me a perfect internet troll. I’m probably not nearly as smart as I like to think I am sometimes, but hey, at least I admit my flaws!

I’m a business graduate working as a program manager for a major tech firm, and I have strong interests in cognition, social issues, literature, feminism, technology, fashion, television, and nerd culture, among other things. Eclectic, you might say.

I spend a whole lot of time talking to Eigenrobot about pretty much anything and everything, and I’m fascinated by the entire world around me. Particularly why people do things that they do and why things work the way that things work.

I look forward to writing for you occasionally!